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Are you a Great Massage Therapist?

  • Do you love helping others?
  • Are you interested in working with an amazing group of therapists?
  • Are you reliable, honest, and a great team player?

If you can answer yes to the preceding questions then you might be a good fit for the amazing opportunity at Focus 4 Massage.

We are not a spa. We do not sell memberships.

We are: A therapist owned and managed massage clinic.

Competitive compensation packages

Our schedule is very flexible from a couple of hours to full time.

It is one of our ongoing goals to be the most rewarding place to practice therapeutic massage.

We have incredible client demand. If you currently work for another massage clinic or spa and are concerned about starting over building up clientele, please don’t worry.  If you are a good therapist we will provide you with as many new clients and therapies as you can safely handle in an incredibly short period of time, especially if your schedule is flexible.

If interested, and you should be if you are a great therapist, please open and fill out the attached careers application available here:

Non-discriminatory policy
Focus For Massage LLC actively seeks to ensure that no one (including patients/clients, therapists, employees, colleagues, or students) is either directly or indirectly treated less favorably than others are, or would be, treated in the same or similar circumstances, on the grounds of physical appearance, political beliefs, race, religion, age, creed, criminal convictions, culture, disability, ethnic or national origin, gender, marital status, medical condition, mental health, nationality, sexual identity, sexual orientation, or social class.  It is our  “Golden Rule”  policy to treat all others as we would like to be treated.