It is our goal that Focus 4 Massage be one of the safest places you can be.

Many of these items have been part of our protocols for years, here are many of our current safety standards:

  • We require an electronic health intake form and wellness waiver before the client’s arrival.
  • We require electronic payment info before arrival to expedite contactless checkout.
  • We have closed our waiting room, eliminated its seating, and companion guests are prohibited.
  • Masking Policy – We ask all clients to wear a mask entering the building and in our public spaces like the reception room. This is due to the fact that we have many clients and a few staff member families who have compromised immune systems and are more vulnerable to illnesses. Therapeutic massage involves being in very close contact over an extended time period, this combination creates a greater possible exposure than virtually all other health care clinical settings. Please understand, this is not a political statement and we are not interested in or have the time to debate it. If you are unwilling to honor this policy please do not schedule with us. Our “Focus” has always been and will always be to enhance the wellness of everyone we touch.

    Virtually all of our therapies are now available under either  Relaxed Masking or Strict Masking

    Relaxed Masking – Once in a treatment room, both clients and staff can remove or adjust their masks for their comfort level.

    Strict Masking – If you book your appointment under Strict Masking both you and your therapist agree to remain fully masked for your entire visit, even while on the table.

  • We believe our clinical massage services are essential. We will do our best to make sure we can continue to serve you and our community as safe as possible. We will continue to look at the current science and will change or enhance our protocols as necessary. If you have a question, idea, or productive criticism that will help us be the best we can be, please send them to